What Are Storefront Signs?

Storefront signs are one of the most traditional forms of advertising, yet still a hugely effective way to draw attention to your business. Our team can create backlit signs for your restaurant’s storefront or pylon signs for an entire shopping center. We offer both illuminated and non-illuminated options; however, most popular among our customers is our backlit letters option. Backlighting illuminates your storefront to help your business stand out and make an impact.

Types of Storefront Signs:

There are dozens of storefront signage options available, and under most circumstances, we can provide whatever type of commercial sign you’re looking for.
Below, we break out a few of the most popular categories:

Box Signs
Flag Signs
Pylon Signs
Wall Wraps
Backlit Signs
Banner Signs
Cabinet Signs
Digital Boards

Benefits of Storefront Signs

Storefront signage is a cost-effective form of marketing that is working for you 24/7. According to a study by FedEx, 76% of American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signage. Economy Signs specializes in the fabrication, printing and installation of commercial signs. Our graphic designers can help bring your idea to life - whether starting fresh with logo creation or taking your brand to the next level - and you can always count on a professional installation.

Let’s Get to Work!

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