What Are Illuminated Signs?

Light-up signs, or illuminated signs, are used with LED lighting or neon and are available in a variety of formats to advertise your business. The most common types of light-up signs are pylon signs, channel letters, neon signs and box signs. While neon signs in San Antonio are still a popular option, LED light signs are the more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and modern method. Our light-up signs are created to fit your specific vision in a variety of styles, colors and animations.

Types of Illuminated Signs:

Benefits of Illuminated Signs

Light-up and neon signs in San Antonio help to catch the eyes of potential customers far more than non-illuminated options. Economy Signs fabricates, prints and installs illuminated commercial signs to help your business make an impact, and our team is always here for any maintenance you may need on your sign in the future. Illuminated signs are an investment in your business! Make your investment count when you place your advertising needs in our hands.

Let’s Get to Work!

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