What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are typically made from aluminum, stainless steel or acrylic, and are an extremely popular choice for building signage due to their flexibility and versatility. Channel letters are three-dimensional text and available in illuminated options or non-illuminated options. Illuminated channel letters have vinyl facing allowing for light to permeate the surface and project color. While they’re most commonly used outdoors to complement building signage, they can also be used indoors for decorative purposes.

Types of Channel Letters:

There are 12 types of channel letters, but we primarily work with the following six: 

Acrylic Channel Letters
Front-Lit Channel Letters
Marquee Channel Letters
Front & Backlit Channel Letters
Non-Illuminated Channel Letters
Reverse Channel Letters / Halo Lit Channel Letters

Benefits of Channel Letters?

Channel letters stand out more than flat lettering and help attract more customers into your business with their three-dimensional profiles. The interior lighting used in channel letters is LED - the most efficient lighting solution that’s more affordable, less weight and more durable than neon light signs. Economy Signs is your local and trusted San Antonio sign company that’s ready to help you increase foot traffic and improve your bottom line!

Let’s Get to Work!

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